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416 AW(F) Squadron - Saint-Hubert, Québec
July 1961

From left to right, STANDING:

F/O Jake Haycock - F/O Dan Haines - F/O Tom Connolly - F/O Laurie Woollett - F/O HP Osborne
F/O JA Morin - F/O John Follows - F/O Tom Bogle - F/O Emrys Taffy Evans - F/O JJ Dessureault
F/O G Crowhurst - F/O Peter Woodhouse - F/O Bob Eley - F/L Roger Smith* - F/O Ed Goski
F/O Dave Purich* - F/O Gord Paler - F/O Andy Horoshko now Hartford - F/O Russ Murrell
F/L EMW Robinson - F/L Karl Robinson - F/O Ron Meek - F/O PB Gillette* - F/L John Dardier
F/O John Allison - F/L JT Richards - F/O Pete Growen - F/L Dave Broadbent - F/O Ian Graham
F/O GW Hosang - F/L Frank Neshine - F/O Bill Jewett - S/L Dan Gagnon

From left to right, KNEELING:

F/L Pat Ledgerwood - F/O Bud Taggart - F/O LL Bastie* - F/O Len Box - F/O G Hilgenberg
F/O Peter Donnelly - F/O AE Lane - F/O Roy Lefebvre - F/O Gary Garnier - F/O Jess Eisler
F/O Dave Lennox - F/O JA Provencher



Providing CBC-TV cameras (December, 1960) with:

The A.D.C. Song (Mark 2)

(To the tune of McNamara's Band)
Oh the throttles bang and the wheels clang
And the runway falls away.
We climb above the rolling clouds
And splash the milky way.
We'll do a loop or a barrel roll
Round stars within our reach,
But let a bomber cross our path
And this is what we'll preach...

(To the tune of Anchors Away)
Rockets away, my boy, rockets away!
Our plan is to deploy
A salvo to each large convoy
Of bombers that stray, my boy,
Bombers that stray.
We'll 'lease our fire power
With a punch that blows them all away.

(Back to McNamara's Band)
Now there's another squadron that we fly along beside,
And if the job's too tough for them
In us they do confide.
Their worthy contribution is a credit to the force,
We're speaking of the pluckers,
Yes, it's 425 of course.

(To the lune of Fly, Birdie, Fly)
Fly, pluckers, fly,
Away up in the sky.
We love to see you fly along,
Fly, pluckers, fly.

(McNamara's Band again)
Now listen people 'tentively
To what I have to say:
We'll only lick the enemy
The straight and narrow way.
Our policy is rigid and good policy's a must-
If we run out of paper
All our policies will bust.

Lookin' beyond the blue horizon
All I see is a trail of white Orenda dust.
Toolin' along the blue horizon,
At point 82 with a hanging door,
On a couple of pints of JP4
And a pound and a half
Of northern NORAD thrust.

(O Christmas Tree)
Your policies maintaining,
We'll fight the wars
And bear the sores,
We'll be the last remaining.
We had the Clunk, we had some class,
We know some day our time will pass,
But we'll fight to the end
Or we'll die
Cheerio, let us go away and fly
ADC - Hey!

Author: our own Bob Gillet


EMW Robbie Robinson 'MkIII' at the accordion.

Left to right, top to bottom:
Dave Blamire, Taffy Evans, John Allison, Barrie Mootham
'MkIII', Tex McCheyne, Pete Growen, Andy Horoshko
Ed Goski
Gord Paler, Jess Eisler
Dave Lennox, Lloyd Graham.

Ashtray included...
How times have changed, haven't they?


Len Sturch supplied us with this pre-official picture while everybody was still 'relax'!

Along with the following:
"REDEYE" - A Barbados affair?


* * * R E D E Y E * * *

Must have been a Friday night affair!

'Boob' Bolton, 'Chalky' Leblanc, Bill Ferguson, Ron Ehrne

Bob Carter, Bob Gillet, Lyle Hall, Jean Lemay.

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