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Download your own AvroLand screensaver - it has been tested under Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and 2000 - as with all other applicaitons you should backup key files before installing...

Robert Hurst and "Wings For Freedom/RCAF.com has allowed AvroLand to share the following files for your enjoyment, please email webmaster@rcaf.com if you wish to use these graphics online.

CF-100 Canuck, Canadian designed and built all-weather fighter aircraft.
RCAF style roundel (early 1950's)
RCAF style roundel (post war up to unification 1968)
Canadian Air Force - Modern Roundel
Avro CF-105 Arrow
Avro CF-105 Arrow
CF-100 Canuck - Canadian designed all weather interceptor
1 Canadian Air Division badge - Black and White .jpg
1 Canadian Air Division badge - Full Colour.jpg
RCAF Eagle - Colour .jpg
RCAF Eagel - Black and White .jpg
Royal Canadian Air Force Badge - King's Crown
Canadian Armed Forces Badge
Canadian Air Force Ensign
Royal Air Force Ensign
Union Jack
Royal Canadian Air Force Badge - Queen's Crown
Royal Canadian Air Force Badge - King's Crown
1 Canadian Air Division Badge
Royal Air Force Badge

Additional downloads availability subjet to change, if the file is off-line please email me and I'll try and get it to you:

Avro CF-105 Theme for Unix located on Lycos http://shareware.lycos.com//uthemes/wmaker/files/avroarrow.tar.gz, posted by John Shepperd mailto:aries@autobahn.mb.ca
Avro CF-105 Theme for Win 9x Tucows Network (Australia) http://freethemes.labyrinth.net.au/zips/military/AVROARROW.ZIP
Avro CF-105 FS4.0 FS4/AAF - no AFX files by Mel Wilson from http://www.solar.com.br/~peti/fs4/cf105m1.zip
Avro CF-105 DWG by Roger Winger
Avro CF-105 FS98 located on a Chinese site http://tacocity.com.tw/syngelee/CF105MK_1.htm
Avro CF-105 for X-Plane versions 5.29 - 5.31 from http://members.nbci.com/DynaSoft1/military_air_dir.html
Avro CF-100 Mk 5 FS5 from http://hem.passagen.se/snowtam/list.html
Avro CF-100 Mk 5D FS5 from http://hem.passagen.se/snowtam/list.html

The following are from http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/pegav/
Download Arrow #1Download Arrow Panel !


Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk1

Prototype Canadian Interceptor Has panel and Sound -

by Keith Clifford

Download Sound

Download Arrow #2 !


Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk 2

2nd Prototype  Interceptor

By Keith Clifford

Download Arrow #3 !


Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk 1

Prototype Interceptor in Winter Colours

By Keith Clifford

Download Arrow #4 !


Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk 2 A

410 Sqn RCAF


By Keith Clifford