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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

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Why does this site exist: This is a question that is asked very often, the answer is simple, the people who were part of Avro Canada did not receive the acknowledgment and respect of the governement for their accomplishments, before it is too late I want to ensure the stories are kept alive to ensure that Canada does not make the same mistake again.

Why are there not more pictures on this site: I have many unique photo's of Avro Canada aircraft & personnel, plus art work and other collectables; until I can restrict this images from being downloaded (to enforce copyright) I must limit the amount online - this is also why the right mouse button is disabled on most pages - if you would like something please ask and we can see what can be done.

Why don't you have a more fancy layout: AvroLand has been created to communicate the story of Avro Canada to as many people as possible, as not all internet users have high speed connections, very fast computers & the latest browser I have limited the use of some of the new toys -- Mike Johnson of Mike!Johnson Productions will be working with AvroLand to create a number of Flash "features" which will be posted down the road.

Is there a physical museum: At this time, AvroLand exists solely as a virtuall museum, it is hoped that one day a physical museum will be located in British Columbia to display the many items realed to Avro that I have obtained over the years -- it is possible that a special event may be arranged with a local museum to display some of the collection

I want to know where CF-100 #18xxx is today: I have been contacted on occasion with this type of information, often I have been able to give enough information to assist the person in finding all the details they were after. - a complete list can be located on the CF-100 page for the Canuck.

Why is the site mainly in dark colours like black: The answer is simple, the site is in mourning for the loss of Avro and the lost dreams of thousands plus it makes the site unique!

What is special about AvroLand: There are many web sites out there featuring one or two Avro Canada aircraft, but there are very few which deal with all the area's which Avro Canada was involved, to see a list of many of the Avro Canada sites please check out the Avro releated sites page

Did you work for Avro: Avro Canada ceased to exist many years be for I was even born, one of my grand parents worked for Canada Car & Foundry which was owned by Avro and my dad watched the CF-105 flying out of Malton but that is close I come to direct association with Avro Canada -- this site is solely a work of passion.

Is anyone from AvroLand available to talk to xxxx about the collection or Avro: This question has only been asked twice and so far a display and talk were done at the West Vancouver Museum and Archives with their Avro Arrow: A Dream Denied feature.

I want to buy xxxxxx: On occasion, I will be asked this type of question and depending on the item I may be able to assist.