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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

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group last name first name comments link
Avro Abbis Les

Avro Adey Ron appointed as Crawford Gordon's assistant at A.V. Roe Canada click for photo...
Avro Alderton Ernie F. started as a metal worker with National Steel Car in 1939, moved on to take over the experimental department and later took charge of Avro Canada's personnel department click for photo...
Avro Alexander Douglas Worked 4-5 years with Avro then 4 yrs at Orenda
Avro Alingram
Engineering Dept
AVRO Allnutt Peter

AVRO Ames Jack W.

AVRO Archibald J

AVRO Armitage George

Avro Atkin Edgar Chief engineer A.V. Roe Canada
AVRO Badone Louis

AVRO Baker Bill

AVRO Baker Steve

Avro Ball Ernest Avro Engineer
AVRO Barker C

Avro Barker Kenneth Worked on the Arrow from July 57 - Feb 59
AVRO Barnes K

Avro Barnett Bill in Sub-contract inspection and thoroughly enjoyed working on the Arrow
Avro Batchelor Charlie

Avro Battersby Alan Joined in 1952, worked on CF-100 & CF-105
Avro Bradford Robert William Born in 1923, Robert was a key artist at Avro and later was a key player in the creation of todays Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa check out this page for more info...
AVRO Brame F

AVRO Brown Anne

AVRO Brown Jack

AVRO Browne John

AVRO Browne Valerie

Avro Caldwell Jacqualine H. worked on the CF-100 & CF-105
AVRO Calver Bill

AVRO Calver W.F.


Avro Cassiday Jimmy Worked on the fuel system on the Arrow
Avro Chamberlin James Arthus (Jim) born in Kamloops, BC in 1916 click here for photo...
Avro Clifford Ernest engineer until Black Friday.
Avro Cobden Alan worked in flight test area from 51-55 click here for more info
Avro Collett Robert Worked at Avro in Malton for most of his working life, transferred to deHavilland in Downsview after things closed up at Avro - his daughter Marina worked at Orenda!
Avro Collinson Gloria Crawford Gordon's secretary at Avro Canada
AVRO Colville T

AVRO Cook Harold

AVRO Cooper-Slipper Mike Avro/Orenda Pilot click here for more info...
AVRO Cope Peter Avro pilot click here for more info...
Avro Corrigan Joe worked at Avro Flight Test starting in 1952, on the C.F.100 's and the Arrow.....I had the pleasure of working with Bruce in Mods and Overhaul (D-2 ) and in flight test (D-3). ........It sure brings back happy memories of the Six Points Hotel .......
Avro Coyle Bill aeronautical engineer
AVRO Crudden P

Avro Cuddy Jack radio operator at A.V. Roe, Jack saved Bill Waterton from landing the CF-100 with the wheels up!
AVRO Currey N

Avro Czerwinshi Waclaw worked on the C-102 in the stress office and on the CF-100 fixing the main spar
AVRO Danby Frank

Avro Davies Arthur Henry trained as an aircraft engine fitter by the RAF in the 1930's, joined Avro Canada Feb 53. - aircraft inspector in 1958, passed away in 1979.
Avro Deisher Walter N. Born in 1889 in Viginia, moved to Canada in 1913. Walter was the general manager of Fleet Aircraft in Fort Erie, Ontario when he was hired as President of Avro Canada 1945 - 19xx
Avro Devine Bill Avro Pilot click here for more info...
Avro Dickie Bill

AVRO Dixon Jim

Avro Dobson Roy Hardy (Sir)
click here for more info....
AVRO Douglas S

Avro Dugelby Thomas Engineer on the CF-105 from 1955-1959
Avro Earl Des joined A.V. Roe Canada in 1951 as an aerodynamicist on the CF-100, worked on the Avrocar!
Avro Emmert T.J. (Ted) president and chief executive officer at A.V. Roe Canada 1959-1962
Avro Fairbairn J. incharge of quality control and inspection at Avro Aircraft
AVRO Fairchild Beryl

AVRO Farrance W

AVRO Fitzakerley W

AVRO Floyd Jim
for more info click here....
Avro Foottit H.R. (Ray) [Wing Commander] - RCAF engineering officer assigned to Avro for the CF-100 project
AVRO Frazer Geoffrey

Avro Frost John C.M.
click here for more info...
AVRO Frost Tony

Avro Garland Doug Avro Engineer
AVRO Gifford Ian

AVRO Gleeson Thomas

Avro Gorden Crawford (Jr.)
click here for more info...
AVRO Gow George

Avro Grossmith Geoff worked on the CF-100 at A.V. Roe Canada
AVRO Haines C

Avro Hake Guest worked on the CF-100 main spar problem at A.V. Roe Canada click here for photo...
AVRO Halford R

Avro Hare Harold Weight Analyst Engineer on the Jetliner
Avro Harris Gerry member of the team working on CF-105 elevator hinge line
AVRO Harris Jim

AVRO Harvey Frank

AVRO Harvey H

AVRO Haswell Stan Avro Pilot click here for more info...
Avro Hatton Victor John "Shorty" Chief Experimental and Test Flight Inspector click here for more info...
AVRO Haworth W. Albert

AVRO Healey Tom

Avro Heaps Gerard (Jerry) A-1 Test Flight Machanic during the construction of the Arrow
Avro Henderson Jack

AVRO Henderson William

Avro Herron J. Barry
click here for more info...
Avro Heynes Bruce Griffith worked on the CF-100 and CF-105 as a riveter. He was in charge of a crew that went to Cold Lake, Alberts to teach the Air Force how to maintain the C.F 100's. He did the same at Trenton and North Bay. He was an Air Frame Mechanic on the C. F 100's. He and his Crew were in North Bay when Black Friday accured. They were told to go back to Avro immediately. When they got back, they were told they were finished working there. Passed away April 22, 1990 of Lung Cancer. click here for more info...
Avro Hiebert John A.V. Roe Canada, flew as an observer with Zura in August 1954 when the aircraft developed a mechanical failure and John's seat failed to eject he died in the crash
Avro Hinksman John Badge #91894 worked at Avro for 3 years terminated on Black Friday in 1959. Started in engineering standards group then in structures and at the end on the armament pack and drop tank (still has a drawing of it).  
Avro Hopper Ray

Avro Howell A.B. [Squadron Leader]
Avro Hyslop Emery D. worked at Avro from 1957-1959 (Black Friday) --worked in the Final Assembly Section, Material Control -- no computers as such then,, all done by cardex system.. issued work order cards to all shops on floor, and had the privilege to deliver them in person to all shops and watch that beautiful aircraft being built from the ground up ,to the exciting point of watching RL-201 on its first flight..
Avro Jim Bain John A. V. Roe Canada
Avro Johnson Bob ground crew on the CF-100 at A.V. Roe Canada
Avro Johnson Bob started with National Steel Car in 1940, and was one of the first at A.V. Roe Canada
AVRO Johnson M

Avro Kells Gord watched over the productions staff on the Avrocar
Avro Kelly J.N. (Pat)

AVRO Lambert Allen

Avro Lancashire Thomas Joined A.V. Roe Canada in 1949 and stayed until 1959
AVRO Lawr Shell

Avro Lawry Terry Engineer in the Mechanical Dept from 56-59
AVRO Leadlay John

AVRO Leadlay Lois

Avro Leggett Terry worked on the Avrocar and was sent to Ames Researh center for the first Wind Tunnel Tests in 1960 as liaison engineer
AVRO Leslie George

AVRO Lewis Irving

Avro Lindley Bob key person in working out the bugs in the CF-100 and went on to work on the CF-105
AVRO Lindow J

AVRO Lockyer J

Avro Lynes Glen Avro Pilot click here for more info...
Avro MacDonald A. C. former president of Canadian Car Company, appointed as executive vice president of industrial operations of A.V. Roe Canada Ltd.
Avro Mackenchnie Hugh responsible for most photos you see of the aircraft in the air! click here for more info...
AVRO Madill Margaret/Jim

Avro Mahoney William Henry (Bill) Worked on CF-100's from airframe number 12 through to the last one 692, so whenever CF-100 #12 was on the production line is when he started there. He was working on the Arrow prototypes when Black Friday came - he still remembers the call going out over the tannoy - 'cease operations immediately'!!
AVRO Marsh Ralph

Avro Marshall Jim Avro Aircraft employee who was refused on the course at the Lakeview Golf Club because he was black, as a result, Avro cancelled their annual golf tournament!
AVRO Marshall R.F.

AVRO Matthews Fred

Avro Maynard Owen Eugene Senior Stress Engineer. click here for more info...
Avro McCormick Ed

Avro McEachern Duncan A. electrical engineer who wrote electrical manuals for CF100 - also worked on the Arrow
Avro McGhee John

AVRO McIntosh Cliff

AVRO McLaren Keith

Avro Mcmullan Hugh worked at Avro from 1955-to 1959/60, he was a very young designer. Spent a short time on the CF100 and then about equal amounts on the Arrow and Avrocar
AVRO McVean Grant

Avro Miller Desmond was driving to work until finding out he was out of work by hearing it on the radio!
Avro Millie Jack A.V. Roe Canada, worked on the C-102 - one of the original National Steel Car Employees and was one of the two aeronautical engineers/draftsman to put any drawings together before the RCAF had even placed an order click here for photo
Avro Molson Ken Born in Montreal in 1916. Former National Steel Car and Victory Aircraft employee who joined A.V. Roe Canada in the early days
Avro Moore Betty Fred Smye's secretary at A.V. Roe Canada click for photo...
Avro Morley Joe A. Sales and Service Manager who was hired in January 1946 click for photo...
AVRO Morrison Jack

Avro Mossman Peter worked in the art dept. on the CF-100, CF-105 & Avrocar
AVRO Napier Linda

AVRO Nestor G

AVRO Nugent W

Avro Ostrander Robert observer in CF-100 18102 who lost his life when the plane crashed on 5 April 1951
Avro Page Peter worked in the Experimental Dept 51-52
Avro Parish Richard C. Worked for 30 years as a purchasing agent at A.V.Roe/ Orenda. He has been retired for a long time and would love to hear from anyone who remembers him, or has worked with him - if you would would like to contact Richard please send an email via AvroLand.
Avro Parish Wally chief inspector on the CF-100 at A.V. Roe Canada
Avro Peckam Eric foreman on the CF-100 at A.V. Roe Canada
Avro Pesando Mario

Avro Pike Chris Avro Pilot click here for more info...

Avro Plant John L. a graduate of engineering from the University of British Columbia, John joined Avro Aircraft as executive vice-president and general manger, four months later he became president and general manager for more info click here...
Avro Potocki W.O. "Spud" Avro Pilot click here for more info...
AVRO Power J.J.

AVRO Prentice Cathy

AVRO Prentice Edward

AVRO Prentice William

Avro Ray A.H. (Bert) Production Engineering Supervisor CF100 Nose Section then Chairman, Change Control Board, CF100 and Arrow
AVRO Reynolds Eric

AVRO Riseley R

AVRO Rogers Don Avro Pilot click here for more info...
AVRO Ronaasen Jeanne

AVRO Schegel I

AVRO Schwartz Arthur

Avro Selkirk Lawrence (Larry) worked on the Jetliner as a Jr. Engineer
Avro Sherwood Claude Draftsman on the Arrow project now a volunteer with T.A.M. on their Arrow!
Avro Smith Harvey R.
click here for photo...
Avro Smith William John worked on the c-102, CF-105 - 1956-1960 then returned to the UK
Avro Smye Frederick Thomas Avro Canada's first employee click here for more info...

Avro Smyth Gerry in the plant on Black Friday!
Avro Speas Dixon A.V. Roe Canada outside sales office at LaGuardia Airport in New York
AVRO Spray C

Avro Staines F.M.

AVRO Stuart R

Avro Syson Richard H. worked on the hydraulics of the Arrow
AVRO Tee Bill

Avro Thorne John inspector on the C-102
Avro Thurston John Moved to Canada from London with his wife and daughter in 1954 as a draftsman, thought he was to work on the CF-105 but ended up working on the VZ-9AV AvroCar - after leaving Avro went on to work on the Lockheed Galaxy and Anglo-French Concord!
Avro Tocher Doug worked with Avro/Orenda from 1949-1985
AVRO Todd Des

Avro Tory John S. D. A.V. Roe Canada legal department - in 1944, he was a board member at Victory Aircraft, a graduate of Harvard
Avro Turner Joseph (Joe)
click here for more info...
Avro Underwood Audrey M. Crawford Gordon's first secretary at A.V. Roe Canada 1951-1952
Avro Ursel Lorne ex Avro test pilot, joined Avro in 1957 and worked on a missile and fire control system project prior to being sent (by Avro) to the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards Air force Base (Class 59A); was the recipient of the Empire Test Pilot Schoool Award for Academic Achievement; returned to Canada and was un-employed, then worked at the National Aeronautical Establishment as a Test pilot and Engineer on VTOL Handling Qualities Research; left NAE for work in industry in 1962.
Avro Wall Alfred Ernie started at Avro in 1956 after arriving from England.
AVRO Walmsley Ron

Avro Warren Bruce, F/L Avro Pilot click here for more info...
Avro Waterton Bill Avro Pilot click here for more info...
Avro Watson Barry Avro Engineer & Aerodynamist on the Avrocar
AVRO Watson Peter

AVRO Westlake Glen

AVRO Whaley Ken

Avro Wheelband Al worked on the Avrocar
Avro Wickens Leonard worked on the Arrow from 1957-1959
Avro Wildfong Bill flight engineer on the C-102
Avro Willer Murray D. Murrary started with National Steel Car in 1940, then went on to Victory Aircraft and became on of the first 350 employee's of A.V. Roe Canada - working with Joe Morley the two men made up the sales and service department click for photo...
Avro Williams Ron

AVRO Wilson Robert

Avro Wilson Stan Standards department of A.V. Roe Canada
AVRO Wise Lou

AVRO Wise Steve

AVRO Woodman Jack RCAF Pilot click here for more info...
Avro Wooley Derek part of the original Arrow design team and CEO @ CAE Aircraft (Wpg) in 1982. He was one of the crew who hoisted Zura on his shoulders after the first flight of RL201.
AVRO Young Campbell

Avro Young Denny co-pilot and engineer click here for more info...
AVRO Young Diane

Avro Young Hugh J.T.

AVRO Zurakowski Januz The first to pilot the Arrow! click here for more info...