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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

AVROLAND's Logo   The Orenda - Nobel Family

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group last name first name comments link
Orenda-Nobel Allen Wm. E. (Bill) Draftsman - started Feb 47
Orenda-Nobel Anderson Don. E. Piper Fitter - started in 1948
Orenda-Nobel Anderson George E. was not an Avro or Orenda employee but was Chief Technical Engineer to whom the EIC reported
Orenda-Nobel Anthony Fred Electronics Instrumentation G/L - started Feb 52
Orenda-Nobel Armstrong John L. Engineer in Charge - started with Avro in 1947
Orenda-Nobel Armstrong Neil A. Fitter-tester
Orenda-Nobel Ayers Phil Machinist
Orenda-Nobel Barker Cecil E. Fuel Oil Unloader
Orenda-Nobel Barker W. (Bill) Machinist and Welder - started in 1948
Orenda-Nobel Barkley E.B. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Barley Joyce H. Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Barnden Roy G. Aero Test Engineer - started in 1952
Orenda-Nobel Barry Oscar Storekeeper
Orenda-Nobel Bartlett W. Lloyd Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Baskerville Gordon H. Design Draftsman - started in 1952 mainly on combustion and afterburner systems
Orenda-Nobel Baskey Dennis L. Design Draftsman - started in 1951
Orenda-Nobel Battersby Joe Tool and Die Maker L/H - started in 1951
Orenda-Nobel Beagan Ed G. (Ted) Storekeeper - started in 1955 as a security guard with Avro
Orenda-Nobel Beagan Ross Cost Records Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Bernier Rolly J. Pipe Fitter - started in 1947
Orenda-Nobel Best George Aero Test Engineer Supervisor - was with Turbo Research in 1945 - joined Avro in May 1946
Orenda-Nobel Bose B. Instrumentation Tech
Orenda-Nobel Bowman Ron Instrument Engineer - started in 1952
Orenda-Nobel Boychuk Nels Designer - was with Orenda in Malton in 1959
Orenda-Nobel Boyd Charlie G. Toolmaker
Orenda-Nobel Bradley Ken Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Brandwood George

Orenda-Nobel Brennan Peter J. Test Sub-Foreman - started in 1951
Orenda-Nobel Brewer Steve Maintenance Mechanic
Orenda-Nobel Brooks Alex M. Fitter Tester - died in 1958 at Nobel
Orenda-Nobel Brotchie Jim Aero Observer - was with Avro prior to June 1948 - Editor of "The Outpost" an Avro Nobel periodical
Orenda-Nobel Brown Alex P. Fitter Tester - started 1948
Orenda-Nobel Brunatti Attilio Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Buchan Ed. W. Draftsman
Orenda-Nobel Buchan R.M. (Scotty) Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Buck George L. Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Buckerfield E.D. Clerk Typist
Orenda-Nobel Byrne J.D. Combustion Test Engineer - worked on the Iroquois Afterburner Rig
Orenda-Nobel Calder A.W. (Wes) Fitter Tester - started in 1955
Orenda-Nobel Caldwell Jacqueline (Jackie) Combustion Lab Technician
Orenda-Nobel Cameron Don E. Timekeeper - joined in 1949
Orenda-Nobel Cameron Gary A.T. Maintenance Man
Orenda-Nobel Campbell Colin G. Aero Test Engineer - started in Nov. 48
Orenda-Nobel Campbell R.D. Aero Engineering Assistant
Orenda-Nobel Carson Don. M. Stationary Engineer - started prior to 1948
Orenda-Nobel Carter Derek H. Aero Engineering Assistant - started in 1957
Orenda-Nobel Chant Jim A. Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Cheney Peter Aero Engineering Assistant
Orenda-Nobel Childerhose Mac Mechanical Engineer - started in 53 was with CIL in Nobel in 46
Orenda-Nobel Christie W.J. (Bill) Lab. Stores Clerk - started in 1948
Orenda-Nobel Churchill Fred G. Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Clarke John E. Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Clarke Russ G. Instrument Lab. Supervisor - started October 1949
Orenda-Nobel Clifford Ernest A. Engineer in Charge - joined April 1947
Orenda-Nobel Collison Gail L. Aero Engineering Assistant
Orenda-Nobel Collison Gordon L. Aero Engineering Assistant
Orenda-Nobel Condon John P. Combustion Engineering Assistant - joined June 1954
Orenda-Nobel Conrath Joseph J. Aero Test Engineer - joined July 1951
Orenda-Nobel Cooper E.T. (Jimmy) Carpenter
Orenda-Nobel Cooper J.R. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Coulis Don Machinist
Orenda-Nobel Coxon Tommy Guard & First Aid
Orenda-Nobel Crigger Carson S. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Croswell Barbara A. (Peachey) Clerk Computer
Orenda-Nobel Curtis Robert G. (Bob)

Orenda-Nobel Davies Laurie Equipment Designer
Orenda-Nobel Davy A.S. Instrument Tech
Orenda-Nobel Dewar Howard J. Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Diepenhorst R. (Bob) Aero Engineering Assistant
Orenda-Nobel Dodd Charles W. Fitter Tester - stated in 1954
Orenda-Nobel Dorer Cy H. Machinist
Orenda-Nobel Draycott Irene E. (Madigan) Teletype Switchboard
Orenda-Nobel Dube E. Labourer
Orenda-Nobel Dunk Ken H. Combustion Lab Technician - joined August 1949
Orenda-Nobel Dunk Marion I. Clerk - joined in 1953
Orenda-Nobel Dunk Ted A. Instrument Tech - joined in 1950
Orenda-Nobel Dunn Jack D. Plant Engineering - joined in 1951
Orenda-Nobel Eldridge Muriel Clerk Librarian / Clerk Computer
Orenda-Nobel Eldridge Tommy W. Janitor
Orenda-Nobel Farrow Frank Janitor
Orenda-Nobel Farry Dennis T.H. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Fearn Tommy S. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Federico Audrey Clerk Typist
Orenda-Nobel Federico Joe S. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Ferris Cliff J. Shift Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Fielding Les Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Findlay Connie J. (Healey) Teletype & Switchboard
Orenda-Nobel Findlay Ian E. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Finlayson Colin Engineer in Charge
Orenda-Nobel Foley Sylvia D. (Rogers) Computer
Orenda-Nobel Forth Art M. Electrician
Orenda-Nobel Forth Audrey F. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Forth Jean Secretarial Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Fowler Ken A. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Fraser Tom Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Frewen P.R.

Orenda-Nobel Fultz J.M.T. Clerk-Typist
Orenda-Nobel Gerdes J. Fred Toolmaker
Orenda-Nobel Gibbons Orville Labourer
Orenda-Nobel Gibson Harry Engineer in Charge
Orenda-Nobel Giles G.A. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Godfrey Floyd E.

Orenda-Nobel Godin Norman A.

Orenda-Nobel Gonder J. Frank Painter
Orenda-Nobel Gordon Don lived in Nobel Ont. from 1946 to 1959....and he was the group leader of the Mechanical Instrument Section creating test equipment for developing the iroquois engine among other things for Turbo Research Ltd. and then Orenda Engines Ltd....
Orenda-Nobel Gordon Donald W. Mech. Instrumentation G/L
Orenda-Nobel Gordon W. (Bill) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Gougeon Eddie A. Carpenter
Orenda-Nobel Green H. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Grey J. Sheet Metal Mechanic
Orenda-Nobel Griffith Clarence E. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Grigor John Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Hall W.J. R. (Bill) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Hamilton Elizabeth R. Stenographer
Orenda-Nobel Hancock Al E. Aero Test Observer
Orenda-Nobel Hancock Doreen Teletype Switchboard - started in 1952
Orenda-Nobel Hardie Clarence F. Guard
Orenda-Nobel Harding James P. Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Harris C. Labourer
Orenda-Nobel Harris Eric L

Orenda-Nobel Harris Ivan G. Welder
Orenda-Nobel Harrison Maruice (Maury) Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Hayes A.R. Trucker
Orenda-Nobel Healey Connie J.

Orenda-Nobel Herbert Larry N. Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Hilditch W. Keith Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Hill Jack H.

Orenda-Nobel Hisey Bruce started in April 1949 - Engine Test Engineer on Chinook and Orenda Engines
Orenda-Nobel Hitchings Frances Staff House
Orenda-Nobel Hobourn Bernard F. (Bun) Labourer
Orenda-Nobel Hobourn Len A. Storekeeper L/H
Orenda-Nobel Hobson G.W. (Win) Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Hodges W.C. Shop Inspector
Orenda-Nobel Holmes C. (Scotty) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Holmes Tommy Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Horne N.S. Labourer
Orenda-Nobel Howes Leslie D. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Hughes Pearce Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Hunt Arnold R. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Hunter Garnet H. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Hurd E.E. (Ted) Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Hurd Shirley G. Filing & Printing
Orenda-Nobel Jackson A.T. (Huck) Pipe Fitter
Orenda-Nobel Jackson Walter T. Pipe Fitter
Orenda-Nobel Jennings Gord Administration Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Johnston George H. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Johnston Peter Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Jones W.S. (Reg) Plant Engineering Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Joy J. Richard (Dick) Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Joyce Ray M. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Kearns Red Trucker
Orenda-Nobel Kemp E.W. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Kerr Stu Test Technician / Shop Planner
Orenda-Nobel Keyworth A. (Bert) Aero Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Kielland Axel Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Kingston Dan J. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Kingston Donald E. Vibration Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Knight James L. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Kraus Otto Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Krause Helmut Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Kretschmer Willi K. (Bill) Combustion Test Engineer Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Land Russel R. Trucker
Orenda-Nobel Lang Martin W. Sgt. Plant Protection
Orenda-Nobel Lavoie V.J. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Lavoie V.L. (Bud) Shift Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Lawson Reg

Orenda-Nobel Leblanc Hugh Draftsman
Orenda-Nobel Leblanc Leo Fire Fighter
Orenda-Nobel Lee Herbert F. (Bert) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Leroux Ed P. Storesman / Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Liness Ed G. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Lomax John A. Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel MacDonald A. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel MacDonald Ian L. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel MacDonald Jack Welder
Orenda-Nobel MacLean John (Mac) Power Plant Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Madigan Irene E. Teletype Switchboard
Orenda-Nobel Magro Joe S. Equipment Designer
Orenda-Nobel Marcoullier J.A. (Bert) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Margison Clay A. Aero Test Engineer / Plant Engineering Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Mark Gordon Fuel Lab Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Marok Paul Aero Test Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Martin John Aero Test Engineering Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Marwood R.A. (Bob) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Marwood Tom D. Sheet Metal Mechanic
Orenda-Nobel McCallum Allan A. Maintenance Man
Orenda-Nobel McCauley Jack Guard
Orenda-Nobel McCauley Tom Combustion Engineer
Orenda-Nobel McCloghry Tom Aero Test Engineering Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel McDonald W.M. (Bill) Test Plant Foreman
Orenda-Nobel McDonnell R. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel McEachren Donald R. Aero Tech.
Orenda-Nobel McGee Wm. F. Student Combustion Observer
Orenda-Nobel McGinnis Myrt H. General Office Group Leader
Orenda-Nobel McInnis D.W. Maintenance Man
Orenda-Nobel McKinstry W. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel McLean S. Fire Fighter
Orenda-Nobel McLeod Lou (Chennette) Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Miller J. Austin Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Milne Andrew R. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Monks Ed. H. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Moon Harry S. Toolmaker
Orenda-Nobel Moore G.A. (Gerry) Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Moore Howard C. Carpenter
Orenda-Nobel Morris Ernie Millwright
Orenda-Nobel Morrison Donald E. Combustion Test Engineering Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Mullen C. Anne Clerk-Typist
Orenda-Nobel Munnings C. Storekeeper
Orenda-Nobel Nakashirma J. Draftsman
Orenda-Nobel Neal Brian Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Nelson C. Douglas Maintenance Man
Orenda-Nobel Newbold Walter F. Sheet Metal Mechanic
Orenda-Nobel Nicol Cam M. Aero Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Nielson Paul B. Drafting Group Leader
Orenda-Nobel Nutt Ron H. Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel O'Donnell R.J. (Bob) Electrician
Orenda-Nobel O'Halloran W.L. (Bill) Guard
Orenda-Nobel Olafson M.O. Aero Engineering Ass't.
Orenda-Nobel Oldfield Harry R. Toolmaker
Orenda-Nobel Oman George General Services Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Orr J.R.H. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Orr Virginia (Burditt) Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Otley John H. Drafting Group Leader
Orenda-Nobel Page Ron D. Aero Test Engineer - joined 1954 - Aviation Historian who has produced key books about Avro! for more info click here…
Orenda-Nobel Payne Harry J. Guard
Orenda-Nobel Peacock R.W. Electrician
Orenda-Nobel Pefhany Gerry Instrument Lab Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Perrior Bernard Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Phillips G.E. Janitor
Orenda-Nobel Pilgrim Herb Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Pitt Victor L. Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Platt A.S. Sheet Metal Mechanic
Orenda-Nobel Plowman Jack H. Test Sub-Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Pocock Leslie M. Electronic Instrument Tech.
Orenda-Nobel Pollard Art Sheet Metal Mechanic
Orenda-Nobel Poytress Charlie H. Shift Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Poytress Chuck A. Scheduling Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Prosser Art H. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Prosser Harold S. Janitor
Orenda-Nobel Puttick Donald W. Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Ramsay Ron J. Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Read H. Earl Draftsman
Orenda-Nobel Reed Barbara J. (Savage) Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Reed Robert G. (Bob) Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Reid Sam J. Shift Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Rennie R. (Bob) Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Rennie Robert worked in Nobel from 1951-1959
Orenda-Nobel Rider Art H. Test Plant Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Robertson Cora Clerk Computer
Orenda-Nobel Robinson C.R. (Sam) Fire Fighter
Orenda-Nobel Rogers George A. Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Rogers Tom Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Rooney Mark L. Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Rose A. David Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Ross-Ross Philip A. Aero Test Engineering Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Rowse Dennis Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Russell H.R. Maintenance Man
Orenda-Nobel Sagar Vic H. Administration Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Saintsbury John A. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Satchell M.H. (Mo) Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Scarr W.J. (Bill) Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Schneider Johnny W. Test Sub-Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Scott Clarence H. Trucker
Orenda-Nobel Scott S. Vince Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Scrimgeour Dave Vibration Technician
Orenda-Nobel Scriver Mr. & Mrs. W. (Bill) Staff House
Orenda-Nobel Selkirk Larry Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Sellwood R.G. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Sheridan Betty Filing & Printing Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Shields A.J. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Shunk E.L. (Bud) Draftsman
Orenda-Nobel Signore Sylvester (Syl) Instrument Lab Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Simpson Gord F. Test Technician
Orenda-Nobel Simpson J.E.S. Guard
Orenda-Nobel Sladek George Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Smillie W.D. (Bill) Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Smith E. Roy Maintenance Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Smith Gordon W. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Smith Hector Storekeeper
Orenda-Nobel Smith Walt F.A. Shop Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Soper George H. Test Sub-Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Stack E. (Betty Hancock) Clerk Computer
Orenda-Nobel Stevenson Alf Storekeeper
Orenda-Nobel Stevenson Peter Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Stewart Ken L. Maintenance Clerk
Orenda-Nobel Stuebing John Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Sutton Arthur L. Engineer in Charge
Orenda-Nobel Sykes C.P. (Charlie) Administration Supervisor
Orenda-Nobel Tarnowetski Fred T. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Taylor H.H. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Thomas B. Art E. Electrician
Orenda-Nobel Thomas Earl S. Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Thomas Ernie B. Welder
Orenda-Nobel Thomason Dennis

Orenda-Nobel Thompson Ron C. Combustion Enginering Ass't
Orenda-Nobel Todd G.W. Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Trembath T. Norm Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Turriff E.R. Guard
Orenda-Nobel Vigrass Johnny H. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Villeneuve Leo A. Test Sub-Foreman
Orenda-Nobel Waddell M. Keith Fitter-Tester
Orenda-Nobel Wainwright John Guard
Orenda-Nobel Walker W. (Bill) Test Cells Labourer
Orenda-Nobel Walton Don Combustion Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Walwaski G.A. (Wally) Fitter Tester - joined in 1949
Orenda-Nobel Walwaski Nick Watchman & Maintenance Man - started in 1947
Orenda-Nobel Warren R. (Bob) was with Orenda in Nobel as a student in 1948
Orenda-Nobel Wassenauser Johan Aero Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Waters Jim Engineering Assistant
Orenda-Nobel Watkins Mel was with Orenda in Nobel as a student
Orenda-Nobel Watt Gordon I. Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel West Lyle M. Fitter Tester - started in 1955
Orenda-Nobel Wheeler J. Aero Tech
Orenda-Nobel Wheeler J.K. Aero Observer
Orenda-Nobel Whistance Al A. Sheet Metal Mechanic - started in 49 - rehired by Avro after "Black Friday"
Orenda-Nobel White Jack Combustion Test Engineer
Orenda-Nobel White Jim K. Engineering Assistant - started Sept 54
Orenda-Nobel White Peter G. Aero Test Engineer - started Feb 52
Orenda-Nobel Wilbur Johnny Administrative Clerk - started in 1947
Orenda-Nobel Wilcox Jack Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Wilde Doreen (Hancock) Teletype-Switchboard
Orenda-Nobel Williams F.D.M. (Shad) Combustion Test Engineering Supervisor - Started with Turbo Research in June of 45 - joined Avro May of 1946
Orenda-Nobel Wilson Allan Shift Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Wilson W. Ray Tool & Die Maker L/H - with Turbo Research in April 46, with Avro May 46
Orenda-Nobel Winn M.A. Fitter Tester
Orenda-Nobel Woolacott John L. Welder - started in 1947
Orenda-Nobel Yorke Isasc E. Stationary Engineer
Orenda-Nobel Young Fred T. Aero Test Engineer