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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

AVROLAND's Logo   The Orenda Family

group last name first name comments link
Orenda Alexander Douglas Orenda Exp bldg on 2nd floor
Orenda Allen Leonard (Len) worked at Orenda Engineering from 1947 to 1976, Head of engineering records
ORENDA Alleyne Blaise

Orenda Avery Burt A. deputy chief engineer, Orenda Engines Limited later promoted to Director of Engineering and Sales 1970
Orenda Barlow Bill (William) C. Chief draftsman Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited
Orenda Beattie N.W. Project engineer - reported to D. Quan
Orenda Best George C.

ORENDA Boucher Kenneth

Orenda Boyd Winnett Chief Designer and Assistant Chief Engineer Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited designed the Chinook and Orenda engine plus came up with the names Chinook, Orenda and Iroquois (though some sources state Val Cronstedt named the Iroquois), Winn left A.V. Roe Canada 24 December 1950 - Winn was working on the Wacanda as his next engine
Orenda Brisley J.L. Engineer on engine testing
ORENDA Britton Sid

ORENDA Brooks L.G.

Orenda Broughton G.B. engineer reported to J.T. Purvis
Orenda Brownridge Earle K. Standards inspector with Victory Aircraft starting in 1943, went on to become president of Orenda Engines 12 May 1959 -1961 - later to become Executive Vice-President and General Manager for American Motors (Canada) Limited - died 15 Nov 1973
Orenda Brzustowski Thomas Anthony born in Poland in 1937, worked Orenda Engines Limited
Orenda Carpenter Don

Orenda Carroll L.O. Support reported to R.G. Reed
Orenda Cleghorn D.G. Senior Engineer
Orenda Cole K.E.

Orenda Collett (Now Edgar) Marina secretary at Orenda Engines Limited, worked there from 1952-1960 - now a sales representative of Prudential Properties Plus in Toronto
Orenda Cooke L.A. Jr. Engineer reported to J.T. Purvis
Orenda Cosgrove A.G. Design Specialist reported to J.T. Purvis
Orenda Cramb Doug Design and Developement Department - Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited
Orenda Crisp Nancy worked in Human Resources and then front foyer receptionist
Orenda Cronstedt Val Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada, worked on the PS-13 Iroquois engine
Orenda Croucher E.F.

Orenda Culham Doug Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada
Orenda De Wilde Larry worked at Orenda Engines from 1955 until 1959. He was in the vibration lab where they did tests on the Iroquois engine. He saw the first flight of the Arrow and many flights thereafter including the B47 with the engine mounted on the tail.His badge number was 85442
Orenda Dewdney A.J.

Orenda Dilworth Paul Born in Toronto, Ontario January 31, 1915 - Chief Engineer and General Manager of the Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited

ORENDA Farrar Ian

Orenda Grinyer Charles Gas Turbine Divistion of A.V. Roe Canada, worked on the PS-13 (Iroquois) engine for more info click here…
Orenda Grisdale G.

Orenda Hambly Wils

Orenda Harrison Dorothy

Orenda Hilditch W.K.

Orenda Horne Kenneth E. major casting machine shop supervisor, left in 1954
Orenda Hunter Don Worked as a representative for Orenda attached to the RCAF.1954-1959.Crossed the Atlantic 4 times on Random delivery flts.Served in Rabat Maroc #1(F)Wing/No 3(F)Wing Scottish Aviation Renfrew attacched to RCAF TSD and finally spent 1 year on the Iroquois preparing to go on cold weather trials with the CF105/Iroquois combination.
Orenda Joyce Ray

Orenda Keast F. Harry Chief Aeodynamicist - Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited
Orenda King A.J.

ORENDA Klinch Ted

Orenda Knight Bob

Orenda Knowles Doug W. Chief development engineer Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited
Orenda Laviolette Jean-Paul


Orenda Lewin Joe worked for Avro and Orenda engines from 1948 -1965 in the developement labs as technician and latterly as lab supervisor.
Orenda Marcouiller Bert

Orenda Marcouiller J.A. works superintendent, Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada
Orenda Marling Gerry

Orenda McBride Wally Chief aerodynamicist at Turbo Research Limited one of the two TRL employees who decided not to join A. V. Roe Canada
Orenda McCullough A.L.

Orenda McIntyre Archie

Orenda McLaughlin Johnny worked on the Orenda and was the flight engineer on the B-47 powered by the Iroquois
Orenda McLaughlin Walter President of Orenda Engines Limited, appointed as executive vice-president, administration and co-ordination in January 1958
Orenda Mundey Jimmy Worked with Ken Horne
Orenda Muraszew Alex (Dr.) chief experimental engineer on the Iroquois
Orenda Murray Stewart worked at Orenda Engines on the CF100 & the Arrow as a chemist till its demise on BLACK FRIDAY
Orenda Nerriere H.M.

Orenda Nix M.C.

Orenda Orrell Jim

Orenda Ough Shirley

Orenda Page Ron D. Orenda employee and author of key Arrow and Canuck books for more info click here…
Orenda Palumbo Kathie

Orenda Parker Benjamin Henry Arthur Born in Toronto 14 May 1913, worked for Orenda Engines Limited on Orenda's, PS-13 Iroquois, J79's & J85's - retired in 1969. Passed away 6 Sept 84 click for photo...
Orenda Parker David H.

Orenda Perkins Aubrey

Orenda Phipps Mel. A. One of the original's - worked on the Chinook! Mel has been a great help to AvroLand, most of the names listed in the Orenda section came from Mel as have other notes and photo's within the site. click here for more info...
Orenda Platten D.R.

Orenda Pocock R.

Orenda Porter R.S.

Orenda Purvis Joe Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada Limited
ORENDA Quittenton Margaret

Orenda Rahmer Stew

ORENDA Ramsay Lois

Orenda Reed R.G.

Orenda Rigby Bill

Orenda Roberts W.D.

Orenda Sanders W.B.

Orenda Schoenheit W.

ORENDA Scott Bert

Orenda Scott J.M.

Orenda Skipp Donald J. started in 1951 until Black Friday then recalled to Orenda from 1960-64 as Time-Study/Methords Engineer
Orenda Smith G.A.

Orenda Smith J. Mac

Orenda Staines F.M. chief inspector, Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada
Orenda Stanford G.H.

Orenda Stone Aubrey aerodynamicist from 1952 to 1956, working under Harry Keast on development of the Orenda and PS 13
Orenda Tarnowitski Fred

Orenda Taylor R.B.

Orenda Thomas Sylvia

Orenda Tocher Doug worked with Avro/Orenda from 1949-1985 - retired as head buyer
Orenda Tupper Ken Chief Engineer at Turbo Research Limited one of the two TRL employees who decided not to join A. V. Roe Canada
Orenda Veale Albert

Orenda Wallace F.C. General Manager at Turbo Research Limited
Orenda Wassenarr Jahan A.
for more info click here…
Orenda Watson J.A.

Orenda Watt Percy

Orenda Whaley Marilyn Secretary
Orenda Whitelaw R.L. Chief experimental engineer - Turbo Research Limited and Gas Turbine Division of A.V. Roe Canada
Orenda Williams Chad

Orenda Wood Brian

Orenda Woodfield Ray

Orenda Woods Cecil

Orenda Zappert Fred worked on the Iroquois