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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

The Locations where Avro and Orenda Operated From

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Malton - Avro: Original Victory Aircraft buildings - in the 1960's these were then sold off to Douglas Aircraft and then to Boeing who destroyed most of the buildings between 2003 - 2004, AvroLand will be posting a series of photo's showing the building before and after the destruction taken by Brian Cuthbertson

The following pages are notes on the destruction submitted by Michael Deschamps:

23 & 29 July 2003

20 August / 5 September 2003

16 September 2003 / 12 March 2004

18 April 2004

13 August 2004 - The "Jaws of Death". Epilogue


Nobel - Orenda: Original C.I.L. location



We are working on developing pages for each of the sites where you can still locate Avro aircraft today:

Calgary's Aero Space Museum - CF-100, nose from CF-105

Canadian Museum of Flight - CF-100

Comox Air Force Museum - CF-100, Orenda Engine

Memorial Military Museum - Campbellford - CF-100, 60% scale CF-105, Free Fligth model

Toronto Aerospace Museum - mock up of CF-105

Trenton - two CF-100's!