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400 Block Squadrons
Which flew the Avro CF-100, Canadiar F-86 Sabre or Boeing Bomarc

The following pages are mirrored on AvroLand with the permission of RCAF.COM / Wings for Freedom, currently only those squadrons which flew the Avro CF-100 Canuck or the Boeing Bomarc are mirrored, as well as, those squadrons who flew the Canadiar F-86 Sabre are included as many of these aircraft were powered by Orenda engines (B-25 Squadrons are included as CF-100 navigators learned their skills on this aircraft). If you are interested in other squadron or station histories please visit RCAF.COM / Wings for Freedom - if you are looking for lapel pins, crests and other collectibles please visit RCAF.COM / Wings for Freedom's Aerowear Online.

Individual squadron histories:

No. 400 "City of Toronto" Squadron No. 430 "Silver Falcon" Squadron
        "City of Sudbury"
No. 401 "Ram" Squadron
        "City of Westmount"
No. 432 "Leaside" Squadron
        "Black Cougar"
No. 406 "Lynx" Squadron
       "City of Saskatoon"
No. 433 "Porcupine" Squadron
No. 409 "Nighthawk" Squadron No. 434 "Bluenose" Squadron
No. 410 "Cougar" Squadron No. 438 "Wild Cat" Squadron
       "City of Montreal"
No. 414 "Imperials" Squadron
        "Black Knight"
No. 439 "Sabre-Toothed Tiger" Sqn.
No. 416 "Lynx" Squadron
        "City of Oshawa"
No. 440 "Bat" Squadron
       "City of Ottawa" "Beaver"
No. 418 "Eskimo" Squadron
       "City of Edmonton"
No. 441 "Silver Fox" Squadron
No. 419 "Moose" Squadron No. 442 "Caribou" Squadron
        "City of Vancouver"
No. 421 "Red Indian" Squadron No. 444 "Cobra" Squadron
No. 422 "Flying Yachtsmen" Squadron
No. 445 "Wolverine" Squadron
No. 423 "Eagle" Squadron No. 446 Squadron
No. 425 "Alouette" Squadron No. 447 Squadron
No. 428 "Ghost" Squadron No. 448 Squadron
The material above is mirrored from RCAF.com with the permission of Bob Hurst - who retains copyright to the material listed.