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This item is not available - Bill has not returned any request for information and no copies have ever been sold.

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image (c) The Boston Mills PressFIRST TIME REVEALED TO THE PUBLIimage (c) The Boston Mills Press

Location of 9 AVRO ARROW MODELS in Lake Ontario

**Original research as it was laid out on the Lake Ontario Chart**

** 88 page ORIGINAL report done by the Free-Flight engineering personnel in charge of these tests carried out in the mid 50's

** Original research and conclusive data written into the borders of this report by the founder and original researcher of Arrow Canada Recovery 1998 team, Mr. Bill Scott.

Here is Bill Scott's personal report on the research and shows why CBC television became interested and decided to do a documentary as the project progressed. Mr. Scotts' original research and evaluations are written within the borders of this report as he originally started it.

** Chart shows the locations of these 9 elusive models as well as the grid patterns and original search area that was licensed to his team by the Ontario Government, as well as all pertinent information as it was investigated and plotted onto the chart.

Read this 88 page report in it's original form, written and produced by the Free-Flight test evaluation engineers with the approving signature of Jim Chamberlin, the man who headed up the aerodynamic design of the Avro Arrow and who would later be hired by N.A.C.A. (NASA) and be responsible for the US Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects as well as the design of the space shuttle and Lunar Landing Module.

This report also includes most of the radar tracking graphs as well as Avros' scale drawings of the various models tested, the scale drawings of the booster rockets, showing modifications, and the telemetry electronics that were installed within these 500 lb. models.

This report and chart make a fine addition to the collection of every aircraft enthusiast and history buff and is authenticated in it's entirety by Mr. Scott, one of Canada's leading authorities on the Avro Arrow.