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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

AVROLAND's Logo CF-100 Squadron Code, Name, Call Sign & Locations

Thanks to Chris Charland for filling in some of the blanks!

Squadron Name Code Call Sign Locations
409 Nighthawk LP Cudgel, Hotel Golf Comox
410 Cougar AN Hamlet Uplands
413 Tusker AP Jumbo Bagotville
414 Black Knight AQ Halfback, Yogi (1975-81) North Bay, Comox
416 Lynx AS Punchbowl St. Hubert (code AS never carried on CF-100's) (some entries show as Black Lynx)
419 Moose UD Chopstick North Bay, Baden-Soellingen
423 Eagle NQ Handcuff St. Hubert, Grostenquin
425 Aloutte BB Frogman, Blacksheep St. Hubert (code BB was never carried on CF-100's)
428 Ghost HG Davenport Ottawa
432 Black DL Rhino Bagotville
433 Porcupine FG Gigolo Cold Lake, North Bay
440 Bat KE Rhubarb Bagotville, #3 (F) Wing Zweibrucken, 15 Jun 62-31 Dec 62 #4 (F) Wing Baden-Soellingen
445 Wolverine SA Ukulele, Dalton 1 April 1953 North Bay, 1 Sept 53 Uplands, Marville