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Dedicated to the people and projects of AVRO Canada & Orenda Engines Limited

The Suppliers

Aviation Electric Limited

Bendix Aviation Corporation

Bristol Aerospce Limited (Winnipeg) - Overhaul of CF-100's, 50 CF-100 Mk 3s modified to two-place pilot trainers. Tail cones and pipes of Orenda engines. Canadian Aviation Electronics Ltd

Canadian Pratt & Whitney Aircraft

Canadian SKF Company Limited: bearings

Canadian Steel Improvement Limited

Cockfield, Brown & Company Ltd - advertising firm for Avro and Orenda

Computing Devices of Canada Limited

Crystal Glass & Plastics Ltd.

Fleet - CF-100 flaps, ailerons, wing extensions and 6,000 rockets pods for the 2.5-inch folding-fin rockets. CF-105 instrumentation spline (made using honeycomb construction techniques, the spline ran along the back of the plane.

Goodyear Aviation Products

Janitrol Aircraft Division, Surface Combustion Corporation

Lucas-Rotax Ltd. - a subsidiary of two British firms, Joseph Lucas (Gas Turbine Equipment) Ltd., and Rotax Ltd - one of the Canadian Aircraft Industry's largest manufactures of ancillary equipment, specialized in gas turbine fuel systems, electrical, hydraulic and combustion equipment - at its peak, employment exceeeded 1000, since the cancellation of the Arrow and its powerplant, the Iroquois employment dwindled to 270 until the company announced that it would close the 120,000 sq-ft. Scarborough facility by mid-1963.

Renfrew Aircraft & Engineering Company Limited

Shell Oil Company of Canada, Limited